Founder, Noni Ayana M.Ed.


Update! Noni Ayana is currently residing in Asia to further develop as a holistic practitioner in reiki (including distance and intuitive reiki), guided meditation, and singing bowl and gong baths. These holistic methods are widely known to be of great benefit as tools for improving self wellness and development, and reducing sexuality related stress and anxiety. In addition to sexuality consulting, Noni Ayana offer these practices as a service online and in-person, to promote healthy sexuality and wellbeing.  To schedule an online consultation, or for booking services and rates contact Noni Ayana

Noni Ayana is an Atlanta, Georgia native looking to inspire a sexuality revolution. Understanding, although social media seems to be inundated with sexual imagery and content, many public and private discussions about sexuality are subjective and inaccurate. She aims to challenge “modern thinking” with a perspective that is evolutionary and revolutionary; yet logical, positive, healthy, and safe.

Noni Ayana is a holistic practitioner, sexologist, and sexuality educator with a background in mental health, having earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Kennesaw State University, and a Masters of Education from Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies, the only fully accredited university offering a doctoral program in human sexuality studies, in which she is currently a participant.

Noni Ayana has expanded her research and knowledge, to provide education on sexuality related topics relevant to varying stages of human development. She is an active researcher, educator, public speaker and writer, founder of E.R.I.S. Consulting LLC, and also provides sexuality education through her website and blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram, and was host of the internet radio sensation INSIDE w/Noni Ayana on Orange Room Radio. Noni Ayana has been featured in Sexual Science, an online newsletter published by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, and has contributed to many other online publications including:

For booking services and rates contact Noni Ayana