About E.R.I.S. and Mission

Due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic, and other pressing social issues that have caused world wide reaction and civil unrest, in-person consultations and events will not be available until further notice.

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Location for in-person services: Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

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E.R.I.S. is a consulting company that specializes in providing expert knowledge on how to navigate self expression and life experiences by Exploring Realness, Individualism, and Self Care.


The mission at E.R.I.S. is for clients to discover, experience, and embrace your authentic self unapologetically.                        

E.R.I.S. was created by sexologist, sexuality educator, and holistic practitioner Noni Ayana M.Ed. to educate, enlighten, and empower people who yearn for liberating life experiences through self discovery.

E.R.I.S. is your premier information resource, offering an opportunity to discover yourself in life changing ways.