Sexual Compatibility Assessment Program (S.C.A.P.)

A sexuality assessment program for all types of adult consensual love based relationships including engagement and marriage.  

Sexuality is an important aspect of committed relationships. Consistent satisfying, healthy, and safe intimacy can help maintain a strong relationship bond. However, views about human sexuality may vary from person to person, and ultimately shapes sexual knowledge, decisions, and behaviors.  The goal is for partners to increase awareness of shared interests and personal differences, and learn how to work through those differences and create opportunities for growth in ways that support a healthy relationship.

Clients will also be provided information, education, and resources that will allow partners to make informed decisions concerning relationship intimacy, sexuality, and sexual health.

  • 3 Hour Series – $400
  • 90 Minutes – $225

Clients will meet with the consultant via video conference. All consultation services must be prepaid, and will begin once payment processing is completed.

*This program may also be beneficial toward relationships in need of restoration. Bring your intimacy back to life with E.R.I.S.!

Please contact for more information.