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While embarking on a 5 month solo journey abroad, for self discovery and healing, Noni Ayana continued her studies as a holistic health practitioner. As she travelled throughout parts of Asia, specifically Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Pha-ngan, & Hua Hin), Bali, Indonesia, and Kathmandu, Nepal, she received formal training in reiki, various forms of meditation, and sound healing. These holistic methods are widely known to be of great benefit for improving self wellness and development, reducing pain, stress and anxiety, enhancing mood, and emotion regulation, and are included within E.R.I.S. sexology services to promote healthy relationships, intimacy, and personal sexuality. Listed below are the core holistic services currently being provided.


Noni Ayana is certified in Reiki Level I, II, & III (Master), having received her training at the Arati Healing Center in Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand, specifically in the practice of Usui Reiki founded by its creator, Mikao Usui. 

“rei” (higher power or spiritual)  “ki” (vital energy or life force energy)

The National Center for Complimentary and Alternative medicine recognizes Reiki as a form of energy medicine or therapy, and is described as the channeling of universal life energy, most likely through the hands of a Reiki practitioner to the recipient; similar to therapeutic touch and is non-invasive. Empirical research has shown Reiki to be highly effective, and even more so when integrated with traditional medical practices.

“My approach to this ancient healing technique is to assess your core energy centers, and possibly remove tenorany blocks to allow a continuous flow of Reiki energy throughout the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki or the continuous flow of universal life energy often results in deep relaxation, and a reduction or release of various types of emotional or physical pain, creating an opportunity for the body to heal from various health impacted ailments or conditions. Due to my intuitive abilities, I will also advise of thoughts, behaviors, or life events that may be the underlying causes for energy blocks, and offer guidance on how best to move forward in the self healing process.” ~Noni Ayana, M.Ed.

  • $175 (75 Minutes/Includes Reiki and Post-consultation)

Contact Noni Ayana, for more information concerning reiki services available including in-person, distance, and intuitive.


Noni Ayana is certified in the healing art of singing bowl therapy. She received her training at the Kathmandu Center for Healing in Kathmandu, Nepal, and  was taught by world renowned singing bowl teacher and sound healer Shree Krishna Shahi.  

Sound healing is a form of vibrational therapy or medicine implemented as a healing intervention for both mental and physical health conditions.

Available Sound Healing Services Include: 

  • Soundbath – lowers blood pressure and improves circulation, deep relaxation, enhances mood, reduce tension, anxiety, and stress.
  • Intuitive Soundbath (w/the use of bowl singing)- intuitively assessing the clients core energy centers a.k.a. chakras. Overall, seeking to inspire growth and personal development, benefiting the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Spiritual Clearing – to clear a space or person(s) in order to set the tone, represent, or prepare for a new beginning. A spiritual clearing may or may not include guided meditation, vibrational sound healing, smudging, or a combination of all three; depending upon the intentions of the client.

Soundbath services are available to individuals, partners, and small and large groups.

  • Private Group Soundbath (60 min.)
  • $25 – $35 Public Soundbath (60 min. Click here for calendar.)
  • $175 Intuitive Reading via Soundbowl (75 min.)

Please call, email, or message below for ‘space clearing‘ rate.


The guided meditation consultation is designed for clients to work through life challenges that may have adversely effected their emotional, spiritual, and relationship health. For example:

  • Mother Wound Healing
  • Relationship Breakup
  • Struggling Relationships (i.e. infidelity, growing apart, sexual problems, etc.)
  • Religious Trauma

and many other life changing events and conditions that often have a profound effect on every day decisions. This service is in-person for clients living within or in close proximity to the Atlanta metropolitan area, and currently not offered as an online service.

$175 (Individual / 75 min)


The intuitive relationship reading is very similar to the aforementioned intuitive soundbath, in which core energy centers will be assessed according to the relationship state between the persons involved. The relationship type may consist of sexually intimate or romantic partners, siblings, friends, parent/adult child, etc. The purpose of this reading is to highlight relationship strengths and areas that may need improvement. To inspire personal growth and develop healthy relationship habits.

This service is in-person for clients living within or in close proximity to the Atlanta metropolitan area, and currently not offered as an online service.

$175 (75 min.)

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If booking an in-person session (i.e. soundbath, chakra balancing, reiki, etc.), the physical business location will be provided once an appointment is scheduled and payment is completed. All new clients receiving an in-person service are required to provide a copy of their personal drivers license or state I.D., and attend a brief pre-consultation before the scheduled appointment via phone or video conference.

Contact Noni Ayana, or fill the contact form below for more information concerning individual, partner, or group sessions and rates.