Weekend Special! Relationship Advice from the Expert!

All weekend online consultations seeking ‘relationship advice’ over 50% off!

Talk privately with Sexologist and Sexuality Educator Noni Ayana, M.E.d. about your relationship issues, and with a little help possibly find resolution or closure.

Describe and send your consultation request to consultant@erisllc.org

All sessions are:

  • Saturday’s and Sunday’s (EST)
  • prepaid (payment will be requested before consultation).
  • $50.
  • 45 minutes.
  • via video conference utilizing a HIPAA compliant encrypted video platform for human service professionals.
  • relationship advice only.
  • morning, day, and early evening hours. Any consultations scheduled between 9pm and 1am (EST) are $75. 


Consultation Guidelines:

  1. All consultations are client focused, and do not include personal disclosure of the consultant.
  2. At any point the consultant has the right to address the client or cancel the consultation due to inappropriate/explicit behavior or language (including the addition of unpaid guests).
  3. Client must prepay any additional time that exceeds the initial 45-minute consultation time.
  4. During the consultation, clients must be appropriately dressed, and in a quiet private space with minimal to no distractions.
  5. Consultations are one to one, and should not include unpaid guests.