Marriage is often viewed as the pinnacle of love based relationships.  We often talk to our friends and loved ones about marriage. Yet, not so much within the context of intimacy.

What type of marriage do i want? What will my spouse expect of me? What do I expect of myself? Do we want the same amount of children? What type of birth control methods or contraception should we use until we’re ready to have children? Does my spouse expect sex every night? When is it okay for me to initiate sex? Does sex end after my spouse orgasms? When and how do I reveal my sexual health status?

We find many people have lots of sexuality related questions! Our advice? Acknowledge who you are “sexually”, because that part of you doesn’t necessarily go away once married. We learn, mature, change, and grow; progressing as we adult our way through life. Yet, there are core parts of our being that define who we are, how we view ourselves, and behave toward others. Remaining grounded in your truth is key to maintaining healthy relationships and intimacy. This may possibly mean not following the status quo, where it has proven to be safe, predictable, and for some, quite boring. Why is this important? Because marriage is a very special commitment, the promise of all promises. You are saying I do to the idea of marriage, and to your chosen partner. You are also saying I do to their ideas and expectations of sexuality, whether they have been verbally expressed or not.

Our goal is to offer information, insight, and ideas. We want to inspire you, and encourage self-honesty; igniting curiosity, excitment, and pure enjoyment. Bring your intimacy to life with E.R.I.S.! 

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