Welcome to E.R.I.S. Consulting LLC

“Sex, sexuality, and sexual health are all very sensitive topics, and we don’t want you talking to just anybody that claims to be the expert. The information is out there, but much of it is inaccurate, and highly biased. Why not consult with someone trained to have an objective point of view? E.R.I.S. is your opportunity to talk with a professional who is unlikely to be easily shocked. Trust me when I say, we have seen or heard it all. We offer a safe and secure space to discuss your most sensitive concerns, needs and desires. Discussions with your personal consultant are not limited to trending pleasure products or accessories; sexuality is so much more! My desire is for you to be in the know, and as a result experience infinite possibilities. E.R.I.S. is about encouraging you to live the life you’ve always wanted to live, exposing you to freedoms you’ve never known, and being informed with the information you’ve always wanted to know.” ~Noni Ayana M.Ed. Principal Consultant

*Consulting services are provided via a secure and encrypted video platform, and are accessible anywhere there is wifi and camera access.